Cleaning home, cooking food, and taking care of family members is probably the most hectic job in the world. It not only drains out all your energy but also blocks your time and prevents you from doing something productive. That is why people need servants who can get the job done for them in the best possible way. If you are looking for a maid service provider in Bhubaneswar, we have the best trained maids for performing all your household chores as per your requirements. Here are the domestic help services our trained and experienced house maids can help you with.

Cleaning Service – Our trained maids can clean every room starting from floors and ceilings to windows and even walls. Besides, you can avail their service for cleaning laundry, home campus, staircase, roof, bathroom and kitchens.

Cooking Service – Our trained maids can cook regular dishes for you and your family members. You can rest assured that the cooked food will be totally hygienic and tasty, just like any homemade food.

Caretaking Service – Our trained maids can take care of your babies and even senior family members in your presence as well as your absence. They are completely reliable, and your family members will not feel your absence.

If you are looking for an experienced and trustworthy maid near you, contact us. We have the most trained and reliable housemaids for serving all your household requirements.

Why Choose Us:

▪️Vetted & Certified Professionals
▪️Our maids go through strict background checks and are trained professionals
▪️Safe and Sanitized Services
▪️All professionals are trained to follow strict safety protocols to keep your family safe.

▪️Reliable & Quality Services
▪️We maintain strict quality standards and ensure you receive 5-star service always
▪️Full-time & Part-time Maids
▪️Hire according to your personal convenience and family’s needs
▪️Pay-as-you Go Model
▪️Forget bundled packages. You pay only for the services you use
▪️24/7 Personal Relationship Manager
▪️Get requirements and other needs sorted with a simple call