commercial cleaning


Commercial property refers to offices, restaurants, clubs, warehouses, hotels, malls, movie theaters and likewise. Cleaning a commercial property is extremely important as it can determine the success of the business on the property.  A clean commercial space will attract customers and impress them with an improved hygienic quotient and visual appearance. If you are looking for professional commercial cleaning in Odisha, you can head over to

Floor Cleaning – The floor of a commercial building gets dirty the most. Regular cleaning can do the job temporarily, but it needs thorough cleaning every now and then to retain the shine of the tiles and stones. The shinier the floor is, the more impressed the customers will get. Besides, it boosts the morale of the employees and enhances the productivity level.

Wall Cleaning – Cleaning the floor thoroughly is not enough for a commercial space as the walls play a major role in creating an impression on customers and clients. Therefore, the walls need to be cleaned from time to time to make everything look new and neat. Starting from plastered and painted wall to tile walls, we clean and clear all wall surfaces with professional techniques for the best result.

Ceiling Cleaning – The ceiling is the most neglected part of a commercial building when it comes to cleaning. With time, it becomes pale, and dirt and debris keep on accumulating in the corners. Soon, the space seems to look old and unhygienic. Our team of professional cleaners also cleans the ceiling thoroughly through different techniques.

Cleaning the floor, wall, and ceiling is what you can call complete cleaning of your commercial space. There are only a few companies that provide complete and professional cleaning services for commercial building, offices, business, industrial cleaning Cleantechservice is definitely the best out of them.