External appearance influences the first impression, and it is particularly important for any company. Façade cleaning is the process of cleaning the exterior of a building starting from dust and dirt to grime and stains. Façade specifically refers to the front part of a building where the entrance is located. Façade cleaning needs professional cleaners as they have to go up to heights and work in a hanging position. If you are looking for a professional façade cleaning service, you should contact Cleantechservice.in.

Regular Cleaning – If you are doing façade cleaning every weekend or even month-end, regular cleaning is enough to clean the exterior of a building. In regular cleaning, water cleaning with brushes is employed to remove settled dust and dirt. There is no requirement of using chemicals as regular weekly, or monthly façade cleaning does not let stubborn dirt formation. However, the water used is pure and free of minerals, so that there is no mineral deposit after cleaning.

Jet Pressure Cleaning – Façade cleaning is done with a jet pressure system so that the pressure of pure water or chemical water can wash away any dust and dirt settlement. Apart from that, we apply a jet pressure system to remove any moss settlement from walls and roofs. We also use the same system to prevent further moss growth. 

The service includes cleaning the entire façade, glass, windows, and even roof and hoardings. If there is any requirement, we use chemicals to polish the surfaces for glossy appearance. Contact us at cleantechservice.in for more details.