Commercial / Home Fumigation Services in Bhubaneswar

  • offers professional fumigation services in Bhubaneswar for residential premises, office & commercial  establishments.
  • We provide highly reliable fumigation services at the most affordable prices.
  • We make sure that your home is cleaned and sanitized to ensure preventing the spread of any kind of virus infection.
  • We use the most advanced equipment and strong cleaning disinfectants to deliver the highest standard of service.
  • Our experienced and skilled workers have the right expertise and experience to execute the task in a safe and effective manner.

Fumigation Services Includes:

  1. Chlorine/ disinfectant liquid mist blower spray in all exposed area of outer & inner space.
  2. Dry moping & dust cleaning by vacuum machine.
  3. Surface scrubbing & wet moping .
  4. Deep cleaning of all toilet & lavatories .

Things to Remember:

  • Customers should maintain distance from the cleaners and the rooms where the service is being carried out
  • Any food item should be kept away from the fumigation area
  • Customer needs to leave the fumigated room and surfaces to dry for at least an hour before cleaning again.
  • Proper ventilation should be done once the service is over and after the mentioned time.
  • Stool/ ladder, electrical connection, and water should be provided by the customer.

Service Time  :  30 minutes & above (depending on the ground area)

No. of Staff Sent  : 2 To 3 no. cleaners (depending on the volume of work & requirement)

Equipment Used : Rubber gloves, Scrubbing machine, Mist blower machine, Water pressure jet, Mops, Sponges, Squeeze, Disinfecting solutions, Chemical mask, Goggles, Proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

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